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Work is being carried out on our workshop  and we don’t think that there will ever be a time  when improvements are not being made! The workshop will continually alter as new, or extra tools appear. We expect to have  increased numbers of regular workshop users, ensuring that there is usually always something going on within.

We can offer our members the use of many power tools, including a bench mounted crosscut saw, a table longcut saw, pillar drill, and a variety of rotary saws, drills, routers, and sanders, all PAT tested to ensure their safety for use. We also have a fair selection of hand tools, which we are now increasingly starting to hang on wall-mounted tool boards around the shop.


We enjoy introducing prospective new members to our workshop, and some of our members have been surprised to find themselves enjoying carrying out tasks under our guidance that they have bought in to be completed for them! Visitors are always brought into the shop so that they can see for themselves if they can find interests within!


We do ask our visitors and users to respect our safety measures for everyone’s sake, and have safety spectacles, masks and ear defenders ready for use. We also have adequate first aid facilities and fire extinguishers are mounted ready for use at the workshop entrance.

Busy In The Workshop
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Latest News From The Workshop

The woodwork shop continues to develop. Rob Fielding and his team of 4 or 5 regulars are doing a wonderful job and enjoying themselves in the process. They recently made us this raffle ticket tumbler, thanks chaps.
It goes without saying that any member will be made more than welcome in the workshop.Who knows, you may well come away with new skills or pass your own skills on to others. Just take yourself out there to see what’s on offer, you might be very surprised.”
The two pictures below show that you can work on your own projects too. John Hubbard made this fantastic Horn Headdress and Notice board. Photos by - AgentBSmith photography.

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