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The Shanty Group

Shanty Group members enjoy a good sing along. We are not a choir in the formal sense and don't aspire for perfection; however, we do our best to reach a good standard and have recently played a few gigs in local venues where we were well received.

You don't have to be a good singer or read music to join in but a sense of humour is essential. We rehearse fortnightly - usually the first Monday and third Wednesday of the month. There is no additional charge other than the usual £2 fee for attending the shed. Why not come along and give it a go?
Interested? Contact Nigel Potter – Shanty group lead - email:

Shanty Group Latest News

On Friday the 19th of April the Shanty Group entered uncharted territory when it performed at the White Hart in Ashill. This was our first ‘pub gig’ and proved to be a very different, but most enjoyable, experience. It is fair to say that the pub was exceptionally busy on the evening, but we managed to find enough space (just!) to set up near the bar. Our strategy was to sing a few songs, break for refreshments and then sing a few more and so on until we thought we’d done enough. The most important difference to all our previous gigs was the sheer volume of background noise. It was very noisy, and this made it difficult for solo singers to be heard. To compensate, we abandoned our usual format of soloist and chorus and sang all our shanties in unison. In this way, whilst we lost a lot of contrast in our songs, we could at least be heard above the general hubbub. It was a bit of a relief to find that all our songs were well received and applauded, and the evening went well without a hitch. We included one ‘sing-along’ in our set – My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean. Whilst not a shanty it was well known, and a goodly proportion of our audience joined in enthusiastically. All in all, a really good gig and, having been asked to sing there again, a learning experience that will allow us to do even better next time. In passing, several Shantymen and their friends and family enjoyed an evening meal at the pub and were highly complementary of the standard of the food.

We have two gigs in May, the first being in St Mary’s Church, Watton to Saturday the 18th of May. The group will be performing two sets with refreshments being served at the interval. Tickets are not required for this gig which is a charity concert to help raise money for the church. Just turn up at the door – there will be a box for donations which are at your discretion. Our second gig in May is for the residents of Linden Court Care Home and is in keeping with our (and the Sheds) aim of assisting local organisations wherever possible. More on these two gigs in next month’s Journal.

The Shanty Group has proven extremely popular with both audiences and members of the group alike. Wherever we have sung people are surprised by the standard that we achieve and respond enthusiastically to hearing ‘live’ music performed there and then in front of them. Members of the group also enjoy the camaraderie of singing together in an easy-going environment. However, we are only a small group and can only accept gig offers if everyone is available. We desperately need more singers to maintain the viability of the Shanty Group so please consider giving it a try. We learn the songs together with no requirement to be able to read music. Neither do you have to be a good singer – you should hear some of us! - but together we make a good sound. We could also do with any instrumentalists or percussionists to help fill out our sound. Have a look at the poster on the Shed noticeboard.
Our next rehearsals will be on Monday 6th and Wednesday 15th May 2024 starting as soon as possible after 10 o’clock. It would be good to see you there. Please don’t forget to sign in and pay the usual £2 session fee.

Interested? Contact Nigel Potter – Shanty group lead - email:

Shanty Group Live In Action At A Local Village Hall May 2023
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