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The Shanty Group

Shanty Group members enjoy a good sing along. We are not a choir in the formal sense and don't aspire for perfection; however, we do our best to reach a good standard and have recently played a few gigs in local venues where we were well received.

You don't have to be a good singer or read music to join in but a sense of humour is essential. We rehearse fortnightly - usually the first Monday and third Wednesday of the month. There is no additional charge other than the usual £2 fee for attending the shed. Why not come along and give it a go?
Interested? Contact Nigel Potter – Shanty group lead - email:

Shanty Group Latest News

February saw the continuation of our work to revise and refine the shanties already in our repertoire. To add impetus to our rehearsals we have now added several gigs to this year’s calendar stretching as far ahead as December. The first of these is at Buckingham Lodge in Watton where we will be entertaining residents on the 8th of March. Looking a little further ahead we will be singing in the White Hart, Ashill on Friday the 19th of May. More information on both in the next edition of the Shed Journal.

As some of our gigs are in larger venues, we are trialling the use of condenser microphones through a PA system to enable us to be better heard without having to shout. Condenser microphones are far more sensitive than the dynamic microphones that you usually see solo singers using. In fact only two condenser microphones should be sufficient to capture the entire shanty group. However, because of their sensitivity they are more prone to feedback, so require careful placement in respect to the speakers. This is something we will continue to experiment with in rehearsal until we are confident enough to use it in an audience setting. 
Our next rehearsal will be on Wednesday 21st February 2024 in the back room off the bar (the door next to the pool table) starting as soon as possible after 10 o’clock. Why not come along and give it a go? Please don’t forget to sign in and pay the usual £2 session fee.“

Interested? Contact Nigel Potter – Shanty group lead - email:

Shanty Group Live In Action At A Local Village Hall May 2023
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