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Members have already formed several interest groups and activities within the shed. These are coordinated by Malcolm our Chairman. He will post a list on which members may add their names and should enough interest be forthcoming the group should get underway under its own steam, wholly controlled by the group members

We are lucky in that there are many activities to choose from if you want. Members are also encouraged to think of new activities which may be enjoyed by the membership. Below is a sample of some of our group activities.

Things We Get Up To



Practice new skills and enjoy creating, making and mending in our workshop.

Share your skills with others who are looking to learn.



Join in the many games played by members including Cribbage, Dominoes, Rummikub, Backgammon and others.



Get involved with computers. Undertaking repairs or just learning to use them. We have a dedicated room for working on the computers.


Regular Events

Among the regular events undertaken are:-

  • Quiz & Chips Night

  • Chees and Wine Evenings

  • Ten Pin Bowling



The Shutterists are a group of Men's Shed members who have an interest in photography. They exchange help, ideas and debate techniques. It is open for everyone and doesn't matter your experience. 



Throughout the year the Men's Shed has excursions to places of interest like Duxford, Bressingham Steam & Gardens, Bletchley Park, etc.

For more information see our Events page.


Music Group

The Music Group is open to all Shed members to either bring along their own tracks to play or just to listen to the 
selections of others. It covers all tastes and is primarily to enjoy music.


Shanty Group

The Shanty Group was formed with the view of anyone who likes to have a good singalong to have fun singing with other like minded souls.

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