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Photography Group - The Shutterists

We are a friendly group of keen photographers with an un-written modus operandi of ‘For fun’

The Shutterist Group allows all camera types, DSLR, Compacts, Mirrorless, Film, Phones, Pin Hole, Box Brownie, etc... However even though we are predominantly the WMS Photographic Group, cameras are not a pre-requisite for trips out, the Shutterists welcome all fellow members of WMS to enjoy our planned visits. For example, one of our keen members is more into Art, than photography, and will attend outings with his charcoal and sketch pad

The group’s focus is;

1.   Regular Group outings to photogenic places within East Anglia

2.   Learning and improving our own camera handling

3.   Learning to ‘enhance our photographs’ with minor adjustments in Photoshop

4.   Taking part in a monthly Photograph Challenge

Of course, all the above are voluntary, pick and mix as you wish


After ‘Shutterist Outings’ a competition will be held for the best photograph of the day. The Winner will receive ‘The Terry Knight Photo Group Trophy’. The Winner retains this Trophy untill the next outing at which time a new Winner will be announced and the Trophy is passed on accordingly


The Trophy is awarded in tribute to Terry Knight, one of our original photo group members who sadly passed away in 2019.


Shutterist Outings  generally take in a coffee, food and even the odd beer – it’s a social trip as much as a photographic one and we all share friendly banter


Whereas The monthly Photographic Challenge maybe for the more committed photographers. The monthly challenge is based on a title given at the start of each month by the challenge creator.

WMS Artistic Talent to submit their entry(s) by no later than the 3rd of every month.



Entry(s) can be one colour and / or one black & white – can be different photo or same.


Other mediums:

WMS artistic talent (in other ‘Art Forms’ such as charcoal sketch, water-colour, acrylic, pottery etc…) choose your medium and enter accordingly.

All members of the Shutterists, whether entered that month or not, get six votes and choose their favourite three entries. Awarding Gold (3 points), Silver (2 Points) and Bronze (1 Point).

Voting closes by the 7th of said month.


Each month the next challenge title will be released.

Entry should be taken or made in that previous month.

 Remember though - It’s for fun... but it is a challenge. 

If any of the above is of interest, or you have any questions, come see us at the SHED

On behalf of WMS Shutterists

Latest News From The Shutterists

Shutterists Logo.jpg

The below is a first attempt at putting together a monthly list of places and locations for the next 12 months where members of the group have indicated they would like to visit. Dates / times have yet to be determined. (Those suggestions not included in the below will be rolled over to following period)

June outing to Morston Quay to Blakeney & return:
“It was another early start on 6th June for our trip to Morston Quay and saunter to Blakeney. After the usual organising went smoothly {thanks to Bob Darts} we duly collected our passengers and left Watton at 8.30am with the 2 cars planning to meet at Morston Quay N Trust car park. After a somewhat uneventful journey mainly due to John C {aka TomTom} directing me, the driver the other car John Ford knew the way blindfold and we arrived a little after 9.40am.

So, with cars parked all greeted tickets bought {We had NT members} we then had a debate about coffee as it was less than 10mins for the car park café to open. A NO BRAINER, the café ladies where surprised when doors flung open to find us lot standing there finely honed body of camera laden chaps.

Leisurely coffee consumed we girded ourselves for the hike to Blakeney (about mile & half) along the 
embankment footpath. This took some time as people kept stopping to talk to us. Most interesting was getting information from John Ford about the view, wildlife etc. I believe one of our chaps took a trip down the embankment but frustratingly would not re-enact it for those of us that missed it.

We got to Blakeney around 12.00 and sent Mr Ford off to check out the hostelry for lunch the Kings Arms {no booking just turn up etc}. The food was very good food as normal, and as the sun was by this time was positively hot, we sat outside. We then had a saunter back to the car park where we said our farewells etc. and drove home getting back to Watton around 4.00pm or so. A most enjoyable outing yet again and many thanks to Bob for organising. We look forward to the next one.”
Grahame Andrews for The Shutterists

This month’s judge was Neil Rowe, and his comments and choices are as follows,
“Again, a high standard of photos and I enjoyed them all. It is getting harder and harder to choose and it really comes down to what personally I like looking at, not any particular technical skill. All photos capture what we love about living in Norfolk.”
My favorite choices are:-

Up The Creek

Gold award: shot by

John Ford

Neil commented....
“"Everything is nice in this shot from the colour of the sky to the reflection in the water.”



Beautiful Blakeney In Flaming June

Silver award: shot by

John Parling

Neil commented….
“Again, a great sky and lovely river with the reflections in the water.”


Cloudy Sky

Bronze award: shot by

Grahame Andrews

Neil commented……
“What we term a typical large Norfolk sky with a great leading pathway.”


An aide memoir re the WMS Shutterists
As a reminder to all Members, The WMS Shutterists are predominantly an ‘Artistic Group,’ however cameras / pencils / paints are not a pre-requisite for trips out. The Shutterists welcome all fellow members of WMS to come and enjoy our outings. It is generally a good walk in beautiful East Anglia, nearly always with the odd coffee, beer, wine, lunch, dinner thrown in for goodwill.
Join the Shutterists, which is huge fun, and allow those creative juices to flow…

To see the latest achievement's of the Shutterists please click on the link below to view our monthly report:

The 2024 Monthly Challenge – Summary of what it’s about.



Entry(s) can be one colour and / or one black & white – can be different photo or same. Photo must be taken in that month and title must relate to the Film Title of the month. All members of the Shutterists, whether entered that month or not, get six votes.


 Remember though - It’s for fun... but it is a challenge. 


Other mediums:

WMS artistic talent (in other ‘Art Forms’ such as charcoal sketch, water-colour, acrylic, pottery etc…) choose your medium and enter accordingly. Please also refer to last page of The Shutterists Album – gives great stats…


“May's movie was 'Beauty & The Beast'. 
The winning pictures are as follows:-“

Jaguar Mk 10

Joint Gold award: shot by

Graeme Hale


Flower and Beasty

Joint Gold award: shot by

Neil Rowe



Beauty is in the eye of the 
beholder, Baby Orangutan

Silver award: sketch by

Wayne Rutter



Beautiful Bird of Paradise

Bronze award: shot by

John Ford


Samples of our photos from our competitions & trips about


The pictures above were taken on our recent visit to Pin Mill

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