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Welcome to the Computer Group

The Computer Group repair and maintain Desktop, Laptop Computers. We have a Printer repair section, to help you with any problems you may have.

The Computer Group have currently setup a new workshop, old and new members are very welcome to join the team. You don’t need to have any experience, though it does help, you can always join in and dismantle old systems and learn about all the different Hardware fitted into the Computer.

If you like the idea of working with Computers, the Team look forward to seeing you. To join the Computer Group you will need to be a member of Wayland Men’s Shed (WMS).

Thank you for your interest.

Jeff Heath

Computer Group Manager ( WMS).

For further information email:-


Fun & Games In The Computer Room


Below are some links to some informative videos that Jeff has put together that may help computer enthusiasts. 

Latest News

“I’d just like to say the computer group is all good, seems the team members are doing what they do best. As you know, you are very welcome to visit the group anytime during are meetings on a Monday or Thursday, we will be happy to help you if we can.
The computer group seems to have been a victim of its own success, we have 9 +regular members now, which is brilliant, but if all members attended on the same day (Monday seems to be the busiest) then I think we would be moving sideways around each other. I did a risk assessment last year and it was agreed that for 
the sake of Health and Safety, it would be wise to only have a maximum of 8 personal in the room at any one time, but there are occasions when there are more.


At a recent committee meeting the lack of space in the computer room was raised, it was mentioned that a container could be used to store the surplus computer items, if this happens then the storage racks would be moved allowing the addition of extra work benches, making it easier for all members to have somewhere to work. If we gain more space in the computer room, we plan to have an area where anyone who just wants to learn the basics on how to use a computer, could do so. 

If you like the idea of learning about computers, just come along and join the team, we look forward to seeing you, we also have a printer section to help with any issues you may have.

Till the next time
Jeff Heath - Computer Group Supervisor

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