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Welcome to the Computer Group

The Computer Group repair and maintain Desktop, Laptop Computers. We have a Printer repair section, to help you with any problems you may have.

The Computer Group have currently setup a new workshop, old and new members are very welcome to join the team. You don’t need to have any experience, though it does help, you can always join in and dismantle old systems and learn about all the different Hardware fitted into the Computer.

If you like the idea of working with Computers, the Team look forward to seeing you. To join the Computer Group you will need to be a member of Wayland Men’s Shed (WMS).

Thank you for your interest.

Jeff Heath

Computer Group Manager ( WMS).

For further information email:-


Fun & Games In The Computer Room


Below are some links to some informative videos that Jeff has put together that may help computer enthusiasts. 

Latest News

Hello everyone,
What a lovely day we have today (Saturday 10th Feb 2024), makes a change from all that weather we have had, let’s hope we have turned a corner, and it is good days all the way now. 
Talking of good days, the Computer Group are busy as ever, we recently picked up surplus computer items from Anglia Computer Solutions, they regularly donated to the Men’s Shed (WMS) and I must mention that our local community and further afield also contribute. A big thank you to all for supporting the Men’s Shed.
I would like to say hello to Jerry (WMS Member) who has come along to join in with the computer group for the last two weeks, I am hoping he will want to be part of the group, he is most welcome. Jerry has told me that he doesn’t have too much experience, so he is helping to dismantle computers to gain experience as he goes. So just like Jerry, YOU can do the same and then move on to a more technical role later, if you wish.
Fund Raising 1
Currently the Co-op retail Store in the marketplace, Dereham are promoting Wayland Men’s Shed (WMS), this year 2024, YOU can also help by becoming a Co-op member it only costs a £1, not only will you benefit from special deals , but the Co-op equal any discount amount you gained and also give this to WMS.
Fund Raising 2
There is also another way you can help to raise funds for your Shed (Wayland men’s shed), if you visit the 
website Easy fund Raising, and register your favorite cause (Wayland Men’s Shed) and make a purchase on-line from any of the 5,000 retailers you will find, they will donate a percentage of your purchase to Wayland Men’s Shed, good luck and thank you.
Until the next time.

Jeff Heath - Computer Group Supervisor

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